Monday, October 27, 2014

PRK (Lasik) after one year

After years of using glasses I finally tried contacts and loved it. So after 2 years of contacts and the daily routine required I finally started to look into lasik. I setup my appointment with LasikPlus.

1. First appointment 

assistant had me do a number of different tests, looked into 3 different machines, and then the last step of getting drops put into my eyes to numb them for more testing.  After that they give a recommendation, in my case Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) since my cornea was apparently too thin to slice it open.  More gory details on PRK later.

2. Preparation

No contacts for 14 days prior to surgery.  And don't have any problems giving yourself eye drops since there are 3 sets of them multiple times a day leading up to the day of surgery.  Some of the drops burned a little, but not much issue.

3. Surgery day

Get someone to drive you.  Got called into the waiting room which was the first time actually meeting the surgeon, got some powerful eye drops that numbed everything around your eyes.  Surgeon talked for a few minutes, prefaced that the next few days will really suck (his actual words).  PRK differs from Lasik in that the epithelial layer of the eye is scraped off instead of a flap being created during lasik.  After the short conversation we went into the laser room, laid down on in the chair to get positioned under the laser.

4. Surgery

Overall the entire process couldn't have taken more than 5 minutes.  Here are all the details.  First they put a device to hold open the eye lids, don't worry the eyes are so numb I didn't feel a thing.  The surgeon does so many of these he is quick.  My other eye was covered with some sort of patch.  At that point the epithelial layer was removed with what seemed like a little power tool with a soft tip.  There was some pressure, but felt nothing.  He then took some brush to clear off my eye.  He positioned me under the laser and asked me to focus on the lighted circle and to keep both eyes open, which I found impossible.  At that point the laser fired, I saw flashes of purple light with my vision varying with each pulse.  It was very quick, then the eye was flushed with cold water, and a bandage contact lens was positioned on my eye and the entire process was repeated for the other eye.  After that I got up and was done, immediately saw improvement.

5 Post Surgery - First few days

It was explained that the first few days could be bad, pain, tearing etc.  For me it wasn't too bad, only one morning had tearing, I just went back to bed and was fine by the afternoon.  Eye drops continued.  After 5 days I was able to drive myself to the followup appointment where the bandage contact lens was removed.

6 Post Surgery - First month

The first month was very difficult.  I have a tech job which means a lot of work on the computer.  But for the first month, till the steroid drops were done, everything on a screen was doubled.  Nothing I could do, closing one eye or the other still everything doubled.  So it took a lot of focusing and frustration to get through that point.  Apparently the steroid drops that are continued for the first month may be there to slow the healing process of the epithelial layer that was removed so that it doesn't scar.  Good news was once those drops were done vision immediately improved.  1 month visit and I had better than 20/20 vision (which I had with my contacts prior to the surgery).

7 Post Surgery - First year

Its amazing how quickly the daily routine of waking up not being able to see the alarm clock and having to put in contacts and clean them every night is forgotten.  I am very pleased with the surgery and would recommend it if you were considering it, my experience was very good and successful.  Only issue I have is when tired there is some starburst while driving and blurryness reading the TV on screen guide.


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