Thursday, December 29, 2016

Free website and email using your own domain

There is no reason you need to pay hosting fees or setup your own server to have your own domain name and email.  Ok, you do have to buy your domain name, but once that is done here are the steps to host it using free services, till you get a lot of traffic or some seriously large email accounts.

I used godaddy to purchase my domain names.  Tip, add them to your cart, create an account, but don't purchase.  Usually by the next day they will give you coupons for 40% off or so. offers a lot of small business services.  One is mail, with a free account for basic use.  Just signup on for their free mail client, they will guide you through the steps on how to confirm your domain name with godaddy and setup the DNS records so mail can start going to zoho.  They offer an android app, and I assume an iPhone app, or you can use whatever email client you are familiar with.

For your website, I use, its free, and with sites like you can find many different designs.  Just signup, follow the instructions for sending your domain name to blogger and there you go.

Free email and web hosting for your personal use.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Here will be postings about our business Gift Of Comics, comic reviews, comic book related articles, etc.


Working on a new site for setting reminders, finding gift ideas, and general articles geared toward husbands/fathers.


Here will be my general rants and rambles.